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Gutter and Gutter Protection Installation in Denver, CO

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The Leaf Defier® gutter protection system is an open cell polyurethane insert, specially shaped and cut to fit snugly into your gutter. Even during the heaviest of rainstorms when autumn trees are dropping their leaves, the water flows through the Leaf Defier® leaf guard into the gutter valley and out the downspout.

Leaves and debris slide off the surface or just dry up and blow away. Your gutters will remain clean and clear of clogs.

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Compare LeafDefier® to Other Gutter Protection Products

Leaf Defier® is proven to be superior, and the only urethane gutter insert with third party “independent” laboratory tests, which identify Leaf Defier® as the product of choice for gutter inserts. The multi-polymer fused material used in Leaf Defier’s® gutter system has also been proven to be superior to the chemically coated and untreated flexible urethane filter media used in other gutter guards. Accelerated weathering tests, mechanical property evaluations, extreme UV exposure tests and fire tests have been used to demonstrate Leaf Defier’s® durability.

Not only is the Leaf Defier® gutter protection system the best in quality, but also in performance, esthetics and ease of installation. See for yourself why Leaf Defier® is the gutter guard of choice.

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