It’s that time of year again, allergy season.

One way of fighting allergies (and saving money) is by switching to energy efficient windows! Air quality is of the utmost importance right now. You don’t want pollen coming in through your drafty windows and air conditioning going out.

So, why do windows leak? Poorly designed windows don’t have the built-in airlocks, weather stripping, and barriers necessary to keep air from forcing its way in. Without these design features air will push between the sash meeting rails and around the sash perimeter.

The normal industry standard window has a .30 CFM of air leakage/minute. What does that mean exactly? That’s equivalent of 2.25 gallons of air leakage/minute!

K&H Home Solutions offers a wide variety of products to combat those old drafty windows in your home. We carry different brands, lines and styles of energy efficient windows with up to .02 CFM of air leakage/minute. Or better put, .15 gallons of air leakage/minute. That is 15 times more efficient than the industry standard window!

No matter where you live or what your window situation is, K&H has a wide variety of products available to fit you and your home’s needs. Give us a call today to start combating those drafty windows and conquer allergy season!

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