Your home is easily your biggest asset, one of the best ways to protect its exterior is with siding. However, with multiple siding material options to choose from such as composite siding and vinyl siding, picking the right siding for your home can be a challenge. The best way to start the process of choosing a siding material for your house is to identify your needs. Whether you’re looking for a material that is low maintenance, pest-resistant, or durable in tough weather, the right siding for you is out there.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is by far the most popular choice among homeowners, and for a number of great reasons. Vinyl siding is extremely durable, low maintenance, and can be customized in several ways to suit the homeowner’s design preferences. It also offers solid protection from the elements. siding on a house

Fiber Cement Siding

One of the required siding materials in certain counties in Colorado is fiber cement. Made from cement, water, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding offers long-lasting protection against the elements and requires minimal upkeep. In addition to looking great on your home, fiber cement siding is also extremely resistant to water damage and can also potentially improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Diamond Kote™ Composite Siding

Diamond Kote™ Composite Siding is a high-performance blend of granular stone, polymeric resin, and acrylic colorants that come together to form a siding product. In addition to being virtually impenetrable to wood-bearing insects, Diamond Kote™’s interlocking planks are also 543% thicker than vinyl siding, making it extremely durable.

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